Welcome to Campbell’s Rambles. This is basically my blog for everything but religious stuff, so: Texas history, local history, folk music, guitar, rock and roll, fig trees, grapevines, urban life, etc. I welcome your comments either on these pages or via email (watch carefully now): tedc at smu dot edu.



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  1. Hi. Ive enjoyed reading your writings detailing the early days of Dallas County. Would you happen to be descended from Thomas J. Campbell, an early Dallas Pioneer born in North Carolina, then Tennessee, Illinois, and in Texas by 1848. I believe he was recognized as an early Peter’s Colonist with a land grant east of the Trinity near Rylie. Thanks.

  2. I am researching the history of my neighborhood, Riverton Avenue (one block east of Lake Highlands and Buckner on the east side of White Rock Lake.) I am particularly interested in its history up to about 1960. Would you know any information about the Harter Dairy, Frank Harter, or Maggie Harter (one of Dallas’ early pioneers)? The dairy, which later became a riding stable, was located where St. John Episcopal Church and School stands on Harter Road. Any information would be appreciated. Contact me at chrysalisbutterfly@att.net.
    I enjoyed your blog.

  3. Ted. I googled Ted A. Campbell, a name attached to a profile containing :
    “Malcolm Campbell; Born: About 1715; Died: 1763”

    Please contact me if you do recognize this person. I likely have information to share.

    1. Andrew, That’s probably my Malcolm. A lost of folks on Ancestry.com have followed my information about Malcom (or Malcolm), though the birth date is pure speculation but likely within ten or fifteen years of 1715.

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